English-speaking applicants

Are you a full-time student in Copenhagen? Are you interested in living in a unique, international environment with students from primarily the US and Denmark? Then you can apply for a spot at Nimbus Kollegium.

We have reserved approximately 10 spots at Nimbus Kollegium for international students who are completing their entire education in Copenhagen.

Please familiarize yourself with the information about Nimbus Kollegium and the application process by using the links below. Use Google Translate to understand the pages if the Danish language is not yet your friend.

Nimbus Kollegium

Nimbus Kollegium is a newly-built complex in Frederiksberg, which can accommodate 238 students. The first students moved in in January 2018. The community consists of a unique mix of American college students, Danish students, and international students living in Denmark.

Nimbus Kollegium is located in the heart of Frederiksberg, close to Nordre Fasanvej and Finsensvej. Fasanvej metro stop is located nearby, giving you easy access to the inner city of Copenhagen and the airport. The area has gone through a transformation, and new buildings have popped up in recent years, including our Nimbus Kollegium.


Nimbus Kollegium
Nimbusparken 32 and 38-42
2000 Frederiksberg

Read more about Nimbus Kollegium (in Danish only)

Application Requirements

To be eligible to apply for a spot at Nimbus Kollegium, you must be enrolled in an educational program in Denmark. Only students taking their full degree in Denmark are qualified to apply for a spot. The education can be practical or theoretical: you can be training to be a craftsman, you can be studying at the university, or you can be enrolled in another educational program.

Read more about our requirements (in Danish only)

NB: Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply for a spot at Nimbus Kollegium if you are an exchange student or you are studying abroad for less than a full degree program.

Rent and contract

The contract is dependent on you being enrolled in a study program in Denmark. If you withdraw from your education program, you can no longer live at a DIS kollegium.

The contract between the tenant (you) and the landlord (DIS) is made on a three-year basis. There are specific expectations of the residents at Nimbus Kollegium. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our expectations before you apply. Read more (in Danish only)

If we offer you a room, you will sign a formal contract. The contract will be in Danish according to Danish law.

Read about the rent and sizes of the rooms at Nimbus Kollegium (in Danish only)

Application process

It is only possible to apply for a spot at Nimbus Kollegium twice per year in April and August-September.

The application consists of a written portion and a workshop. First, you will be asked to catch our interest by writing a tweet (max 140 characters). You will then be asked to write a number of essays (English is accepted). It is very important that you compose in-depth and thorough essays, since applicants will be invited to a workshop based on the quality of their tweet and their essays.

Along with your application, please submit proof of enrollment in your study program.

We will invite selected candidates to a workshop at DIS. If you are not able to attend in person, we can arrange a Skype interview.

Who and what is DIS?

DIS is a non-profit study abroad organization established in Denmark in 1959, with locations in Copenhagen and Stockholm. To get to know us and our students better, go to DISabroad.org to learn more.